Lazure Perfumes

Sunset Bay

130 USD



Perfumer: Luz Vacuero

When the sun goes down and the sky is colored with red and purple colors the sunset is falling. The air fills with exotic scents and you can enjoy all nuance of its beauty!

Lush and flamboyant composition will impress you with unforgettable atmosphere! And what else could be more exiting than picturesque sunset on the sea shore?

Perhaps the main mystery and distinguishing feature of this fragrance is the transformation of the scent from a juicy floral-citrus to warm amber and musky with a hint of sweet powder!

The fragrance starts with ripe berries and sour lime.

The next stage begins from splendid neroli, tender white flowers and exotic fruits, which gradually intensifies more and more over time.

Finally perfume transforms to rich oriental powdery amber, musk and vanilla notes. These notes add special charm and complete the composition.

Type of fragrance: floral, fruity

Top note: berries, citrus, sirup

Heart note: white flowers, tropical fruits, spices, neroli

Base note: musk, vanilla, amber, powder

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